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Business Development

Business Development — Invitation to Comment

The Canberra business community is invited to comment on the ACT Government’s role in continuing to build a more robust economy. Our economy is already strong and has weathered the economic turbulence of the last few years exceedingly well. But we can’t stand still. It is time to take stock of where we are and look ways we can build an even stronger and more diverse economy.

Building a robust economy

We know that a diverse economy provides a solid and stable environment for employment and growth and creates opportunities for innovation and builds a buffer to more challenging times that may lie ahead. Both government and industry have their roles to play in achieving this - and these roles are complementary.

Business Development — Invitation to Comment (The Paper) identifies some key issues for consideration. You are invited to have your say on these issues and raise other ideas and views that you see as relevant to the ACT Government’s role in building a robust local economy.

The Paper is available to download (PDF 497KB). You can request a hard copy of The Paper by calling Business Development on 1800 244 650. 

How to provide comments

Please read The Paper prior to providing comments. The Paper provides a list of consolidated discussion questions at page 14. Your comments are welcome in any form. The main ways to comment are listed below:

  • Complete the online form
    Please note that the form must be completed in one session. You cannot save your comments or return to complete the form at a later time. The form will guide you through the questions found on page 14 of The Paper
  • Email your comments to business.mailbox@act.gov.au
    Please include "Business Development Consultation" in the subject line.
  • Post your comments to:
    Business Development Strategy - Consultation
    Business Development
    Economic Development Directorate
    GPO Box 158
    Canberra ACT 2601
  • Contact Business Development
    Phone 1800 244 650 to request a meeting to discuss your views; to ask questions; or to provide verbal feedback.

The closing date for comments is Tuesday 14 February 2012.